What is the WSA?

Wisconsin Streaming Alliance
A brief history, a future vision.

Originally being formed to serve only the Milwaukee area. The Milwaukee Community Meetup (MCM) was a community-wide meetup designed to bring together all facets of the streaming population in the Milwaukee area. With a heavy focus on connecting Casters, Mods, Developers, Charity Organizers, Vendors, or Supporters, the MCM quickly found success.

But in this success, we found that the larger Wisconsin Streaming community was largely being ignored and we set our sights on reaching out and supporting anywhere we can in the great and expansive state of Wisconsin.

Ultimately, the vision of the WSA is to maximize opportunities and networking possibilities for all those that seek to achieve success in streaming in Wisconsin.

  • Events Completed

    Percentage of yearly goal (5 of 8).

  • Twitch Follows (in 10000's)

    Across WSA Members (154,630)

  • Twitter Follows (in 1000's)

    Across WSA Members (46,031)

  • Average Daily Twitch Views (in 100's)

    Across WSA Members (3013)

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