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The things we do to get stuff done.
The Big meetups

At least two times a year we plan a Big Meetup. These are large scale events that look to draw streamers, mods, developers, charities, and vendors from across Wisconsin (and further). It’s a real chance to expand your network.


Big Meetups are great! But you often don’t get a chance to really make those deep, long term connections that mean so much in the industry. We do monthly, smaller engagements to give people a chance to really get to know one another.

Stream Counseling

Get advice from some of the top names in streaming and gaming industries. We look to partner with those that are willing to help others achieve their goals.

What is the WSA?

Wisconsin Streaming Alliance
A brief history, a future vision.

Originally being formed to serve only the Milwaukee area. The Milwaukee Community Meetup (MCM) was a community-wide meetup designed to bring together all facets of the streaming population in the Milwaukee area. With a heavy focus on connecting Casters, Mods, Developers, Charity Organizers, Vendors, or Supporters, the MCM quickly found success.

But in this success, we found that the larger Wisconsin Streaming community was largely being ignored and we set our sights on reaching out and supporting anywhere we can in the great and expansive state of Wisconsin.

Ultimately, the vision of the WSA is to have several "on the ground" Strike Teams that organize monthly local meetups and autonomously address local issues. After all, the issues of the Green Bay streaming community are not the same as Milwaukee or LaCrosse.

These Strike Teams will then work together to support 2 to 3 statewide events every year to expand all horizons and promote growth.

  • Events Completed

    Percentage of yearly goal (5 of 8).

  • Twitch Follows (in 10000's)

    Across WSA Members (154,630)

  • Twitter Follows (in 1000's)

    Across WSA Members (46,031)

  • Average Daily Twitch Views (in 100's)

    Across WSA Members (3013)

MEET the team

Working hard to get you connected.
Rachel- Burnt Flower Angel
Rachel- Burnt Flower Angel
Strike Team Milwaukee- Research/ Administration
Organizing events is hard work, but who organizes the organizers? BurntFlowerAngel is the hub of WSA ops, keeping detailed records, making flyers, keeping the rest of the team on task and moving towards the goal.
Strike Team Milwaukee-Engagement Specialist
TouchofOblivion is here for YOU–in every sense of the word! Got an idea for a meetup? This is your guy! He’s the one making dozens of phone calls, answering emails or simply bringing the community together to educate and encourage them about what we do.
Strike Team Milwaukee-Social Media Queen
All the hard work our team puts in would be for naught if not for our Social Media Queen, VenomousPlatypus! With a solid handle on Twitter, Facebook, and all things social media, Ven’s responsible for getting all the amazing info straight to you in the best way possible.
Jordan – Rekoor
Jordan – Rekoor
Strike Team LaCrosse – Lt. Commander of Social Media
Viewer turned Twitch Affiliate, Rekoor is doing his part to spread the word of WSA on the Western front and bring more viewers and streamers together. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions/feedback for the La Crosse Strike Team you may have!
Rae- Fawkes881
Rae- Fawkes881
Strike Team La Crosse- Team Lead
As team lead of Strike Team La Crosse, Fawkes881 is committed to expanding the Wisconsin Streaming Alliance’s mission of connection gaming related individuals and organizations in the La Crosse area.
Doug- Pappa Beren
Doug- Pappa Beren
Founder/Community Director
Jack of all trades/master of none. Wanna-be guru and amateur beard enthusiast. Founder of the WSA, Pappa works to expand his brainchild’s horizons and better serve it’s community.

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